Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week 3

I didn't let Christmas festivities get the best of me. Or I should say, my husband wouldn't let the Christmas festivities get the best of me! The way my schedule fell, I had to run one of my days on Christmas Day. It wasn't so much the fact that I had to run on Christmas, it was the fact that it was raining/sleeting, windy, and it Christmas that made me not want to run. But, alas, my husband was my trainer, supporter, and the make-me-doer! I am very thankful for him!

I am really starting to see how this plan works. Every day, I get a little less winded and can run a little further/longer, than the last. I think all of my failed attempts at running, before, were due to me just starting to run and pushing myself too hard and by the end of it, I would feel so exhausted worn out that I would just stop all together. Now, I am actually starting to enjoy the feeling that running gives me. While I am worn out at the end of it, I have a renewed energy. I also noticed, that during this holiday season, I didn't eat as much junk as I have in the past. (The operative phrase being "as much." Trust me, I still had my fair share.)

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