Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have been a bad, bad runner and a bad, bad blogger

The reason I haven't been blogging is because I am not doing well with my running and I don't want to report my lack of progress! I can blame my non-running on a variety of things, but mostly I am just discouraged. I feel like my running has come to a plateau. I can't get past a certain point and I am discouraged! I have come to the realization that for me to progress with my running, I need to loose weight.

When I started this journey, it wasn't to loose weight but I figured it would be an inevitable bi-product. Now, I have found, that in addition to my running, my eating habits need to be modified and I need to do additional cross-training on my off days.

This weekend I am supposed to do the 5K and I am kind of nervous! I haven't been running outside in quite a while due to weather and climate and I haven't been running as much as I should. I will keep you updated on my progress!