Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 2

Sorry for the delay in post. Both my husband I and I seemed to contract some sort of stomach bug and were completely useless on Sunday and part of yesterday.

I devised a training scheduled based on research I did regarding training for both a 5k and the half marathon.

Link to Schedule: C:\Users\murphyer\Desktop\Half Marathon Training Schedule.htm

While this is titled "Week 2" I have only completed Week 1 on the schedule. Since it was unbearably cold, I ran on an indoor track, which was awful! However, the weather and climate on my third day of running allowed me to run outside which I enjoyed much more!

 The first couple days were a little rough, but by the time my third day came around, I wasn't getting as winded as easily. The only struggle I was having was shin splints! I felt that I could run in longer increments if it wasn't for the muscle pain. I did some research and besides stretching and post-running icing, I read that arch supports would help a lot and an investment in a good pair of running shoes. Since finances are a little tight with us right now, I think I will get a pair of arch supports until I run my first 5k and then invest in some running shoes. 

If anyone else has some advice for preventing shin splints, I am all ears!

Since I was sick yesterday and am feeling much better today, I need to adjust my training schedule for the week and start running today.

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  1. Eat more bananas, oranges, broccoli and carrots.... They are dense in trace elements your body needs. Helps to avoid muscle cramps and Strengthens the outer portion of your bones.

    - dad