Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 5

This week was a blah week. I feel that once I fix one problem (shin splints-with the help of different shoes) I develop a different problem. I have started getting a side stitch on my right side under my rib cage which, at times, has forced me to stop running and take a breather. While I know I could keep running, it is disappointing that I am sometimes forced to stop. I am also disappointed because I build up momentum and, when I stop, it is hard to gain that momentum back.

I have done some research on side stitches and have found that I need to work my core muscles more (crunches, ugh!) and work on my breathing while I run. Wish me luck!

I am interested to see how this week goes because on my third day, I will essentially be running the full 30 min! YIKES!

I have discovered a new website that makes it easy to track how much I eat and I can create loops to see how far I run each time.


Wish me luck for the upcoming week!

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